Thursday, January 30, 2014

Through 4 windows: Minnesota Edition

-24°F at 8pm
All hail the Polar Vortex...and the news reporters creating dramatic names for weather

It was really fun in the beginning - the novelty of ridiculously cold weather while we staying inside and making Swedish Pancakes and playing board games.  
But then came the moment when I had no option, I had to go outside. 
I was officially in the cold for 3 minutes - the time to get out of the car, put money in a meter and cross the street.  I didn't make it across the street. 
I stepped out of the car, with coins from the car, but they were so cold the metal was "burning" my fingers.  I desperately looked around for the building on my note but couldn't see it. The the wind kicked up, blowing through my hat (I clearly forgot to SEAL it directly to my head).  And then my face and fingers started hurting so bad I thought I might cry.  CRY, I said.  It was so cold I was ready to bawl.  
So I ran in the closest door.
Not funny anymore.  
AND the trick of exploding boiling water by throwing it out into the Polar Vortex on the porch didn't work.  Thumbs down Polar Vortex.  Thumbs down to you.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


"It feels warm!" my nephew from Minnesota says.

Really?  Does it?