Friday, July 30, 2010

Who showers?

So I just got my hair trimmed back into its lovely, a-lined, adult self and I don't want to wash it. I don't want the shower or my monkey arms going anywhere near my perfectly done hairdo. How long do they say its good to not wash your hair?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What happens when you spend 9 hours a day by yourself

you tell your produce guy (who is shamelessly flirting with you while you are wearing yoga pants and a black t-shirt) that you are probably not going on vacation to Turkey this year because you had a job last year but the contract they offered you was sort of "dodgy" so you didn't take it.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Things your friends should not say in public even if they think no one else understands english

Her: I ran into (insert man name here) yesterday.

Me: Which one is that again?

Her: You know, the guy who left me for his mother.


During the time I was studying for my Master's exams I went outside of Paris.
No, I am not disciplined enough to sit and study by myself for 8 hours a day. I have to have breaks, and people that make me food, and not be alone. Otherwise I will end up at the grocery store buying food for a new meal I plan to test out and that means breakfast takes 3 hours (including cleanup). And by then, of course, we should start lunch if we are going to eat at a decent hour.

So I went to province. Not the lovely place you are thinking of in the South of France with fields of lavendar, fresh herbs and the good life.

Province is not Provence. Province is any place outside of Paris. (So technically Provence is in Province. Confused yet?)

Yes, there is Paris and a word for everything outside of Paris. Because Paris is it's own country with its own cranky language and snappy irritated-about-having-to-move people.

Province is full of fields and round abouts without signs, and enormous grocery stores called LeClercs (pronounced: leuh klair - if that doesn't sound like a line of french beauty products, I don't know what does). It has tiny towns with tiny churches and local castles. And people that wouldn't prefer to spit on you rather than talk to you.

Actually, I like both Province and Provence.

And sometimes Paris.


So I will be doing some back blogging about things that have been going on over the last couple of months. Don't feel neglected! You were always on my mind.

Yes you, my online passersby living in my shiny "little fast box" (the name of my mini computer)

Friday, July 2, 2010


I love crème chocolat, which is the french equivalent of chocolate pudding cups.
You can find almost any dessert in a small cup in the cold food section: crumble, crème brulée, profiteroles, isles flottant, etc.
Crèmes come in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, pistachio, coffee, vanilla (ugh). These can easily go into my freezer and 1 day later become the delight of my day. Frozen chocolate pudding. mmmm.