Monday, April 26, 2010

small streets, small cars

What would posess someone to buy a shopping cart on wheels? No really, there are two seats: one for you and one for your groceries.

Well this might.
Parking spaces in Paris go for 40 to 250 Euro per month. You can also buy one for 43,000 Euro. (60,000 dollar parking spot anyone?)

But who needs to BUY a parking spot when you can fit your car in the 2 inch space between parking spots.

Pain au Raisin

This is breakfast. This is the french version of a Cinnamon Roll. At first I was very skeptical (as I am with all foods that contain raisins), but then I got to the custard. Yes the yellow in the swirls is vanilla custard. Yes I do get to eat a a custard filled, rasin covered, buttery pastry for breakfast. And no one will try to tell me it is dessert. Even if it is right next to the chocolate pies and raspberry tartes. No one. Probably because they are eating their own dark chocolate filled, butter pastry breakfast.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fish la Boissonnerie

Lunch: Rascasse (a fish), pistachio risotto, with sprouts on top.

So delightfully good.


I love food. I love good food because no one can argue with me. I love good food because I have a taste for it.
You might say, who doesn't love good food? But I can tell you I have had at least 3 boyfriends who would be just as happy eating dirt. They would appreciate good food, but they don't look for it.

I will be posting pictures of food, because what else can I do but bore others with my obsession with tasty, textured, colorful, flirty, sexy food.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

J'aimerais bien

"J'aimerais bien un verre d'eau...

...s'il te plaƮt"

"I would like a glass of water...


This is my boyfriends utterly polite way of saying that he would like me to get him a glass of water. I am not sure why this irks me so, but it does.
Is it because he doesn't have to actually ASK me, just mention that he would like something? Is it because he won't get it himself?

I am going to go with the former.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

words that offend my ears

Somedays I pass people on the street saying things that I don't think should be allowed. Not swear words, what the french call "big words." But words that are offensive to my ears. I learned french because it was beautiful, because even insults sound passionate.

I did not, however, learn French for words like "meuf", while you might think this is an animal sound, you would be wrong. This is the common word for femme or "woman"

Please, french speakers, stop the hating. Isn't it enough that you eat the bowels of animals and wear sweaters tied over your shoulders? Do you really need to add animal noises like "meuf" to the table?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

laying down and taking it


So I had an interesting job interview two weeks ago. The guy loved me. Or so it seemed.

I write my "thank you"
I get a "thank you" back

I do the online personality test (which I might add, seems to have gotten better than in the Meyers-Briggs days) which has a small interview element at the end (what do others say about you? What would others say are your faults?) And I must do this all in french.

Call to make sure everything went smoothly. Everything is "in process"
Email a week later, trying to be clever and funny by offering reccomendations, my old bosses phone numbers and also my grandmother's.
Email response: "We have another person to interview on the 12th of April"
Battleship sunk.