Wednesday, May 30, 2012

through a window double dose, Marocco

 From the window of our riad to the only tree we saw in all the Medina in Fez.

In Moulay Idriss, view to the entrance columns of the tomb of the great grandson of Mohammed.

more exotic foods

I found this beauty in the Supermarket in Fez, Marocco. 
No one could tell me what it was called.   But they did tell me it was like a melon and cucumber. 
It wasn't as good as the cherries.
But it was pretty.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The best friend I made...

I say:  I have a fancy wedding to go to this summer.  It says on the invitation that "the mother of the bride will be wearing a hat". 

She says:  Oh you can borrow one of my dresses.  Do you want to come and try them on next week? 

I say: Sure, you probably know much better than I or B does about what a girl should wear to a "chapeau" wedding. 

I think: I doubt my slightly-taller-than-a-woodland-creature-self will fit into your average height, average weight and average chest-size dresses (damn you and your averageness!).  And I fear you have floral prints. 

Next week at her house...

She says:  Let me just get my dresses out of the closet and we'll take a look. 

I think:  How am I going to politely say no without offending her floral-print-pattern-taste.  Maybe I'll just take one with me and then say I found something else.

Unzipping the plastic protector.  

               Gold and velvet hangers Louis Vuitton.  

                                             Dress labels: Kenzo, Christian Dior.  

I think:  Oh right.   I am the jerk thinking that you wear curtain dresses. You work at LVMH.

She says:  What size shoe do you wear?

I think:  Are you my fairy godmother?

I say: 36

She says:  I'm 36.5 but let's take a look, we might be able to find something.   

Cue closet filled with shoe boxes full of delicately made Louis Vuitton shoes.
I think: I love you. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Let's just file this under "other things your kids don't need"

a 349 euro sweater


Do you have nuns and priests where you live? 

I do.

I saw one yesterday

Like seeing a unicorn in the metro. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012


My mom shops at Forever 21. 
Her skirts are shorter than mine. 
I still ask her to find me shoes.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fun outside of Paris

This is the view out from the line at the Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs ride at Disneyland Paris.
You can faintly see the gray and muted colors - and notice the women taking cover next to the princess dresses and the person in the center in a blue hooded rain coat.  It might have been a smarter idea to build Disney in Spain somewhere.  Afterall Paris isn't know for its good weather.

On the plus side:  Disney for the kids - Paris for the adults.  A very equal vacation for all.

A picture of the castle, just for fun