Monday, December 14, 2009


Clocks in France are all 24 hours.
This means you may have a "rendez-vous" at 20h30 (pronounced twenty hour thirty). And you know that it is p.m. Unlike when you have a flight at 8 and you forget entirely to verify if it is morning or evening. Only to arrive at the airport at 6p.m., ticket in hand, and the desk clerk tells you that you are 11 hours late.
20h is just practical. Plus, people don't leave the house here before 8h30.
I think the U.S. should have 24 hour clocks.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The land of "I don't know"

I actually believe that when people are frustrated and it's emotional or sentimental and they say exhaustedly "I don't know", what they really mean to say is "I know, but I don't like it and thus refuse to acknowledge". But today I am in emotional turmoil and trying to do what is "best for me" but I've got boyfriend fog covering me. Yesterday I was really clear about what to do and had decided to take a breather. But after talking and sleeping last night at our place. I cannot make a decision. Wading through grayness. What happened to the damn ROAD ?!

I don't know factual
Question: Who won the world series? (a factual and existing piece of information)
Response: I don't know

I don't know emotional
Question: How do you feel? (changing like the weather, but still possible to clearly identify at any given moment)
Response: I don't know (a lie)

I don't know of today
Question: What do you want to do?
Response: I don't know (Is it possible to do 3 things at once?)