Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Yoga Journey blah blah

So I'm sorry to do this but I am going to bore you with my yoga journey.
Because I can.

So enjoy the next several months of my super deep thoughts and super middle class white-girlness.

Thoughts lately

Why do people talk so much?

When did everyone get into biking? 

Was it always so sunny here? 

Why does Listerine feel like it is giving my mouth a chemical peel?

My method for doing things is diving in to see if my whole self likes it (really what can you tell from a tiny toe in the pool?).  I also like to stick to my commitments which means sometimes I stay in long past raisin-skin stage.

I hate returning things. 

I really hate patchouli.

I should probably stop drinking whole milk every day since it is actually designed to fatten up baby cows.  

My body is getting strong.