Thursday, June 23, 2011

French words that chap my hide

I like stereotypes. That are true. (After all they do come from somewhere)

It means the Russians will invite me to a baby shower and ask me to bring a bottle of liquor (what do you think, should I bring vodka?). And that KFC is full of Africans. (I will go around Paris and take pictures if you want, but it is hilariously true). And that I listen to a TED talks (if you haven't figured it out yet, I'm white. In fact, REALLY white. Like, night lite anyone?). And really, where would we be if Sophia Vierga was as waifey as Kate Moss?(i.e. latin women are curvy)

So duh, French people you are supposed to be romantic, sexy, poised and naturally good looking.

Which is maybe why it bothers me so much when I hear some of the following words out of the mouths of French babes:

dodo: sleep as in, Je vais faire dodo. I am going to sleep.

nounou: nanny

doudoune: a down coat Which we have all started taking out of the closet because of the beautiful June weather.

popo: simultaneously a nickname for someone whose name starts with a "P" and what the little girl in my building asked me if her dog did on the sidewalk last night.

Decidedly unsexy, simplistic, and none of them smell overwhelmingly good in their cardigans tied in a knot around their shoulders.

It is ruining the last of my own Frantasyland dreams of beautiful old stone buildings and romantic walks at night.
Please, do not talk to me about anything to do with nannies, coats, or anyone's nickname! It's really putting me off baguettes.

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