Tuesday, February 26, 2013

But I thought we were...

So my girlfriend whose birthday is in May just started planning.  Well, we might have forced planning to make sure everything goes accordingly and all necessary funding and/or gifts are in order.  It is her 30th. 
So either big party for a night or little party outside of Paris for a weekend.  She thinks little party.

Skip to 1 week later and train tickets for the month of May are on sale.  May has multiple Wednesday holidays and so everyone travels.  We should get tickets.  I call her to let her know, and she says this:

Going to Venice this month and then going to Thailand in April to fulfill my dream! So will be short on budget. 

Right, so change of plans.
And now I am mad.   
Maybe because she didn't tell me?  It is still 2 months away.
Because she isn't doing it with me? Maybe, I'm planning 2 months in advance so I can be there and everything goes great for her.
But she's doing what she has always wanted to do, so why am I not happy for her?

Add this to my other girlfriend who is only in town 3 weeks out of 6 and I barely get to see.  AND I'm feeling girlfriendless. 
Or better yet, full of French girlfriends.  See eachother 3 times a year and we're best friends.
Is this just adult life? 

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