Monday, March 4, 2013

Fast train, cold evening. Avignon

As you may have noticed from the last photo I posted, B hurt his leg.  To be more precise, he completely tore is Anterior Cruciate Ligament.
So while he stayed home in bed in his compression tights waiting for the daily visit from the nurse and eating 3 meals a day prepared by his crème of a mother, I happily took our train tickets and a friend to Avignon. (Aveen-ñon)

689 kilometers (428 miles) in 2h38min.
French trains are fast.

I thought it would be warm,
but no,
the constant blow of the mistral ("fresh" would be a generous term) meant we were shivering while checking out the city walls and the pope's digs.  But it also meant that we had nearly the whole city to ourselves.
especially the first night

Popes' Palais 1309 - 1403

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