Thursday, April 10, 2014

Getting flogged

I am starting to hate the nice man that comes to my house to teach me French every week.
I actually started tearing up during our lesson today.
Let me say that again: I cried in front of my French teacher today.
30 seconds in, he starts explaining how "lui" could not be referring to a woman because it is the compliment of the direct object.
That's why he couldn't respond.  Because it didn't make any sense. Even though, when used in a different context, it can refer to both a man or a woman (or apparently any other object: plants, dogs, couches, etc.)
I wish that my first reaction had been strong like a boxer and that I wanted to punch him.
But no.
And then he tried to be nice and tell me that I speak very well.  Except clearly that isn't the case because he just got finished telling me that people should have been correcting me.
I do speak well.  I speak better than all of the foreigners I know here.
but I am giving the French language the big "doigt d'honneur" today.
Did your mother ever correct you?  Mine did.  I hated her when I was 8, but then I was 14 and really great at English I liked her more.
Do you know what it is like to feel 8 again? I do.
But I still hate you today Phillipe.

On a positive note, it smelled like summer yesterday.  It was really warm and someone must have cut some grass in the neighborhood. 

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