Sunday, July 27, 2014

Owning the beluga belly

I have always dreamed of being one of those girls with a flat stomach.  When bare midriff's came around, I tried to stand up straight and suck in.  Luckily I didn't delve head first into belly button baring blouses because I am not one of those girls. My belly is not flat. 
My dad used to call me Beluga Belly when I was wee tyke.  I had great belly-pushing-out abilities and I was an adorable super white color.
As I got older, I got into sports and exercising. And being super short, I naturally tried to stand up straighter, and it might have stretched my round little belly a little bit. But not enough for flat stomach status. So a good long 20-something years of loathing the soft middle.

So then a week ago I went to a yoga retreat.  (I am a middle class white girl - I like yoga, photography, traveling and cooking, ethnic food and organic farmer's markets. I'm WHITE).  So the teacher was telling us to inhale into our bellys.  And I thought,  why don't I.  Not just a little bit, but all of it.  And I did.
And I kicked everyone's big breathing asses.  And it didn't feel like this section of my body that I like to reprimand and occasionally give stern advice to.  It became part of my ability.  I can super deep breathe.
And that is cool.

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