Sunday, January 10, 2010


So tonight we decided to get asian takeout
I make the call and start the order

Me: "Good Evening, we'd like to make an order"
Takeout Guy: "sure"
Me: "chicken and fried noodles, fried nems, and a spring roll"
Takeout Guy: "do you want baguettes?"
Me: (me thinking "baguettes" are bread) "no"
Me: (me realizing that "baguette" is also the french word for chopsticks) "yes, yes we want baguettes"
Takeout Guy: "it's not bread"
Me: "heh yes I just realized"
Takeout Guy: "it will be ready in 15 minutes"
Me: "ok we'll see you in 15"
Takeout Guy: "see you soon"
Me: "kisse...."

Yes. I actually just told our asian takeout guy "kisses" at the end of our phone conversation.


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