Friday, November 25, 2011

2 reasons Parisians are so cranky

Cranky is actually a nice word for the general attitude of Parisians.  But from this type of "humeur" I have learned some things.

1.  If you have to literally try to glue yourself onto the outermost ring of the 150 people stuffed (like sardines - no exagerration) in one metro car, all the while praying the door closes behind you without leaving scratches and that your bag gets to go with you, in order  to get yourself  to work in the morning - it might make you "cranky".

2.  And then when you leave work at 7:30p.m. , like most Parisians) for 35-45 minutes of spooning those same 150 people in the metro (who are not as fresh as they were in the morning) to come home to your walk-in closet of an apartment where you can cook and go to the bathroom at the same time.  Yes again, this might leave you "cranky".

But "cranky" has it's advantages.  "Cranky" gives you leverage.  If the store that delivered your desk 6 months late thinks you are fine because you calmly speak to them when you come in to complain -  they are not very motivated to give you something for your suffering.  However if you come in indignantly shouting  about how this was the only thing you really wanted and what kind of a company makes people wait like that - they might give you a gift certificate for the full amount you paid for that desk and then some. 

See how that works?   "Cranky" can be useful.

Now if I could just get over the stress of being a bitch all the time.

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