Friday, November 4, 2011

Shall we talk service frustration?

Today we received a desk that we ordered 6 months ago.

scratchity scratch scratch
6 months ago, we had a discount and got excited and bought a desk we had been pining over for 3 years. Plus a chair and some other miscellaneous items.  Our chair was delivered 2 weeks later and had large claw scratches on the back side. Punishing myself for not unwrapping the chair while the delivery guys were here before I signed the stupid paper, I immediately called to report the problem and was redirected to the internet where I needed to write a complaint complete with photos, etc.  Which I did.  And low and behold I got an immediate response complete with claim number,Yay!                                          
And then nothing.  After a week I called the store. They said they would give us a 200 euro credit and get the chair picked up and replaced within a week.  I got a call on Friday to schedule the delivery and when I asked if it was for the chair or for the desk, she said she would call me back. 
Which she kindly did
and then said she didn't know. 
And then on the day of delivery, no one came. 
I wrote a complaint.  I went into the store where they were very nice and took copies of all my paper work.  I was given a contact she said she would get everything arranged.  And then nothing happened. Again. 
I went into the store again and threatened with "it won't be good if she doesn't contact me" (I really really really wanted the desk.  really really. for 3 years). And I find out my contact has gone on vacation.  (and of course no one else can do it.  And she is on French vacation i.e. 2-4 weeks).  5 weeks later without warning they call to deliver the unclawed chair.  THE CHAIR!  Seriously!?  

During the summer (otherwise known as the dead period when 75% of Paris empties out, and so service is nearly non existent.)  I refuse to visit the store again, feeling like they clearly saw that I wouldn't cancel the order and thus I have nothing to threaten).  3 months after our original order and 1 month after the delivery of our unscratched chair, B sends in a ridiculously long complaint letter (like only the French know how to do) detailing (like 3 pages of detailing): conversations by phone, email and in store, including the promised 200 euro credit.  No response.

5 months from our original shopping trip I go to the store again indignant and ready to yell.  They are abnormally polite.  They say they changed manufacturers and the earliest delivery is at the end of the month. 

And that was it.  Call and delivery right on schedule 2 weeks later. Chair delivered right on schedule at the end of the month.

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