Thursday, December 8, 2011

My entire apartment smells like ass

I know I dedicate a lot of time to weird things I eat here, but seeing as how we spend 1/3 of our time eating, it is only logical that 1/3 of this blog should be dedicated to food.

Tonight I had the unfortunate experience of letting B cook andouillette at home.  If you haven't heard me complain about andouillette enough - it's ass.

Well, let's be more specific, Andouillette is intestine.
Metres of intestine stuffed into a sausage form.  This is what it looks like before it goes onto the grill.  And let me just add that it should always be cooked

on the grill


where it can mix heavily with fresh air

Where it can explode on the grill.  Because that's what it does.
Exhibit A - the same 5 andouillette cooked.....

I used to think I was adventurous in food - willing to try everything once.  Now I just flat out deny. 
Andouilette is denied. Andouillette's cold cut brother the Andouille is rejected (also for smelling like ass). 

B cooked it in our closet-sized kitchen with the door closed.
You know when you stand too close to something cooking and then your clothes smell like it?  That is us, but it is not "something", it's ass. Even in our bathroom 3 hours later - it smells.

Anyone that wants to smell ass - come to my house!  We'll be here all week.  

Endnote: There are actually 5 grades of andouillette and I've only ever seen the 5A kind.  And I really wonder what could be left to put in the 1A?  Straight shit?

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