Sunday, December 18, 2011

Welcome back crazy girlfriend

So yesterday crazy girlfriend showed up.
Yes sometimes (shocking, I know) this girl shows up when she finds the standards here a bit off.

I was in Stockholm last week and I get a message from B that he is getting his wisdom teeth out. He says the dentist will do it on Monday. "Not an oral surgeon?" crazy girlfriend asks (yes the dentist surely doesn't know his limits). No, not an oral surgeon, just the dentist.

So when I got home I asked if he wanted me to come with him to his appointment and wait. And he says no.
"No!? But what if something happens. I can't believe the dentist didn't ask! Why didn't he tell you to bring someone. Oh yea, because he isn't worried about getting sued if something goes wrong. What happens if you are in a state where you are unable to advocate for yourself? What if he breaks your jaw? (I actually said this)

Crazy Girlfriend strikes again.

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