Monday, January 9, 2012

Friday cheese surprise

The Friday before Christmas we stayed at B's grandmothers house like we usually do.  She is spunky and full of laughter and, like most Grandma houses, it is a walk back in time.  Her room is cotton candy pink, our room is lime green and white, the bathroom is canary yellow, 
and the main floor is all textured wall paper.  

So the day before our 10 hour marathon eating, we eat a nice sensible egg and cheese cocotte, chicken in cream sauce and green beans, 3 cheese plate and chocolate mousse for dinner.
2 things happened during dinner:  we found out everything is made in China (yes news to us) even the truffles on the french cheese.
And this little beauty....

Do you see it?  The leg of the beast?  (Or more likely an adorable little woodland fawn).  I didn't notice it when the cheese plate arrived and absent mindedly picked up the knife only to be shaking hands with a ...hoof? 
But yes, indeed.
 I could not contain myself and had to take a photo.  I did, however, restrain myself from asking about it until after we were safely in our lime green bedroom.  Apparently it was a gift 20-30 years ago.
Which only contributes to my time warp theory - that there is a one generation difference.
No one would ever have given your parents a hoof butter knife in the 70s, but they would have given it to your grandparents in the 40s.

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