Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Funny story of the day


I was waiting to cross the street in this rough looking neighborhood when an old man (old: 74) in a suit, slightly hunched over with age, slows down as he passes me standing on the curb waiting to cross.

"Ca bosse?"   which roughly translates "You working?"
I, in my jeans, down coat and back pack hear "Ca va?" (How's it going?)
"Oui, ça va"  (Yes, I am fine)
He comes around to the other side of me.  I, feeling weird that he is so close to me, look at him as if to say - Yes? 
"Allez, un petit bisous?" (a little kiss?)
Having already heard this in Paris, from weirdos on the street:
"Un non, non"
"Pour 50 euro"  UH hold on. WHAT?  
The light flicks on and my "translation" reworks itself in the literal sense.  This guy thinks I am "working".....waiting to cross a busy street wearing jeans, black tennis shoes, a down coat and a back pack.  WORKING?! 
"Ah non non, ça bosse pas, excusez-moi" as I RUN across the street, holding my forehead -because clearly it says "PUTE" in bright neon.

Word I say too much but is totally appropriate right now:  Seriously?!   
Phrase I rarely say but is also totally appropriate:  WTF?

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