Monday, February 20, 2012


Do you get anything from this?  

Sometimes I hear other languages and if I listen really hard I hear the root of a word I know.
Other times I listen really hard and I hear Charlie Brown's mom: "wah wah wah".

It gets worse when you actually see the words.  Like when I was in Slovakia and I asked for the word that means "ice cream". After I said "What?" for the 5th time (ice cream is important), they handed me a paper with this: 


And I said "That's not funny. Words need vowels." 

Some languages have grunty/growly noises.  Some languages have gutteral sounds that make you think someone is clearing their throat. 
Some languages make a word for ice cream that sounds like a bee murmuring. 
Turkish, is actually quite nice.  During my stay I found out that the Turks used to use a dialect of Arab for over 1,000 years.  But it wasn't able to accurately make the sounds of the language. "Whereas Arabic is rich in consonants but poor in vowels, Turkish is exactly the opposite." In 1929 they established an adapted latin alphabet.

The Eyup cemetary.  Because cemetaries are cool. 

So you still see Arabic in places and then you see Turkish (like the cemetary).  

And then oddly enough there is English smattered about.  Like our friend's apartment complex. 

 To be fair - he does have a swimming pool.

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