Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Se lever du mauvais pied

French phrase of the day

se lever du mauvais pied (seuh leuhvay du mo-vay pee-eh)

I get up early sometimes and meet my friend Max for coffee.  I drag myself out of bed and throw some clothes on and run to the metro (this is quite scandalous here, but being badly dressed and wearing tennis shoes makes me feel rebellious and free). 
Sometimes I drag my feet and run late. And in typical fashion, today, line 13 was so packed that even though I am child-sized, I can't fit in. 
So then I sit.  And then for 11 minutes while I wait through the next 3 metros (for the next slightly less packed metro), I spew an angry diatribe ending in "I am going to punch that metro driver in the throat"

Huh.  I think. 
And I realize,  it is one of those days.  Funny because nothing is particularly wrong. I just have that feeling - like no matter how many shiny pastries or rainbow-pooping unicorns were to pass in front of my eyes all I am going to feel doing is punching people in the throat. 

In french, this is called
    "to get up on the bad foot"

So I just wait it out. 
And while I do that, I look for people who are on my shite list to get in a fight with. 

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