Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sundays are for...

  • French toast made with brioche and eggs with milk, vanilla and little bit of molasses.

  • Walks in the Marais (Mar-eyh)

The Marais is one of the only places with open shops on a Sunday
A nice walkable Jewish/Gay/start-up-clothing-designer neighborhood.  Somehow this works.

  • And then there are the pitas.  

At least 5 different pita shops that also sell to-go through a walk-by window.  Strange for the country where sit-down dinners are a national sport. 

But these pitas, they are divine. Every bite is different. They seem to hit every flavor and texture on the palette.
Start with a toasty pita bread, spoonful of garlicky hummus, 3 piping hot crunchy-on-the-outside falafels, sweet shredded carrots, fresh shredded cucumber and purple cabbage, then red tomato sauce, grilled eggplant, a white yogurt-tahini sauce and a  dill pickle.  (the only place in all of Western Europe I have found real dill pickles). 

photo from

 It is a crying SHAME I didn't take a picture of mine.  I am pretty sure it was 50% bigger than this girl's

  • AND Sundays are for warm September sunsets

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