Friday, November 30, 2012

"I love that _____!"

So maybe the last post on Ireland

Anyway, after being in Ireland for almost a week I got my chattiness back. We were at the wedding ceremony and there was a girl with almost my same dress.  (Did I mention we went to Ireland for a wedding?) Anyway
So to start making friends, I politely told this girl that she couldn't sit next to me.  She laughed and we had a grand old time all evening.
Around the end of the night (about 4a.m.) she said "and I love that necklace.  You've got it all!" to which I immediately replied "Yes I do!"

And then a couple of hours later my brain started cranking away, moving towards France and a very Parisian girl thought came into my head:  Did she say that as an insult? 

And with these thoughts you cannot win with.  Because you will never know. 
And suddenly all the compliment went away. 

Curse you Parisiennes for poisoning my mind with Mean Girls bitchiness.

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