Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Dictatorship

I am in full holiday mode.  We went to visit my family for Thanksgiving and had a little Christmas on the last day. 
Now, I want Christmas.  I want lights, I want hot chocolate and apple cider and eggnog, I want my mini apartment to smell like cinnamon and pine and I want so much holiday music that it makes people want to kill me.

Holidays are my excuse to gather everyone around in the dark of winter.  R and A are hindu and muslim, respectively.  They get Frantasyland excited about Christmas. (They want the pastries but not the dog droppings on the street). To be fair - there isn't really a dark or bad side of Christmas.  But NO we cannot listen to Wax Tailor while sitting around the Christmas Tree with hot chocolate. 

I'm going to make a rule in my house that if you come you must have the full experience. 
And yes, this is a dictatorship. 

Like when I almost locked a 4 year old in the hall because he wouldn't say hello and give me the bises.
These are the rules.  Whether you are 30 or 4. 

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