Friday, December 7, 2012

Nowhere to go

So we were in Ireland for a week and the U.S. for 10 days and now we are back.  Back to winter nights that last from 17h (5p.m.) to 8h (a.m.).
And we are cranky.

I am cranky because my neighbor across the hall - you know, the one with the "My husband isn't home" welcome mat - is still smoking.  And it is still making our toilet room like a discotheque minus the mirror ball and lights (I do really need to get on that).

And now we have a nice young couple in the apartment above us.  And I don't know what she does but at about 2h30 in the morning once a week he YELLS some foul things.

And b is cranky because...well I'm not really sure why.

And even the birds.
I opened our shutters this morning to this...

An apparent throw down on our balcony between a moineau (mwahn-o  sparrow) and a pigeon.  Though there are about 25 moineaux that live in the garden and I can't see how a pigeon could win.  More like a game of Angry Birds.

AND then there was the alarm this morning.
Have you watched any movie about any person during a war.  And they play that alarm when the bombers are coming.  Yea, they set THAT alarm off the first Wednesday of every month just to make sure its working.
The bombs come every month.
It's like scary movie music.

So I just want to listen to ridiculously loud Christmas music.  But I can't because our apartment is only 2 rooms and the walls are thin.  Me, the young yellers upstairs, the chain smoker, the angry birds and B are all in it together.
Welcome back to Paris!

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