Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Success in a name

So the French have a very important test at the end of their high school years called the BAC.  This determines if they get their diploma.  It is also specific to an area of study that they "chose" (with the help of their parents, teachers and most successful test scores) when they were 15.

And what's in a name?
There is a sociologist who publishes results based on success/failure rates of kids by name.

Diane, Adéle, Quitterie and Guillaumette  were in the highest marks for the ladies.
Ulysse and Octave for the boys

However if your name is Kimberly, Cynthia or Brenda, Brian or Christian.  You didn't do so well.  

Any guesses where Brenda came from?

Which also explains why the French know where New York, California, Florida and .....MINNESOTA are on a US map.

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