Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Table Tennis

Did I tell you about the most unexpected outing of the year? Us going to the world table tennis championship semi-finals?

I am not sure I could think of a city less likely to "fan" this sport.  I have a hard time thinking of a sport that looks less cool than Table Tennis.
But it was actually cool.  Nerdily super cool
AND it is much more complicated to not slam a ping pong paddle and launch that tiny plastic ball far far away than to slam it across a tennis court. 
AND apparently the spin on the serve is so important that those players get really close to the table and then hide their spin with the other hand. 

They start small and then just keep getting further and further from the table...

Cool, I tell you!

And apparently you can be for Team Asia...

...which pretty much means you always win.

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