Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Koreans are professional hikers

We went hiking 3 days while we were traveling.  Seoraksan, Namsan, and Yeonhwado.  One thing you will notice if you ever hike in Korea is the professionalism.  I am not sure if this means they are taking serious hikes, but they certainly look like they do. 

From their trails to their gear
to their 80 year old women who kicked my mountain-girl ass.  (left, in red)
They also seem to be prepared at any time to have a picnic. (Including under overpasses in the city)
They do have beautiful mountains though

and oh so lush.
We tried to time our trip to see the seasons change, but this was all we got
Imagining THAT covering an entire mountain range, makes me feel like crying.

But we did see burial mounds (like the passage tombs in Ireland)
and Buddhas.  A lot of Buddhas.  Life-sized. human-sized. headless. 

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