Saturday, October 19, 2013

South Korean Road trip p1

It's been a couple of busy weeks but here but I can't skip out on Korea to talk about permagray soup Paris again.  So here we go...

We traveled for 7 days with our friends.  First was driving from Seoul to Chuncheon - known for this delicious chicken and cabbage spicy dish.   Cooked on the table in front of you.

And then we headed on to Seoraksan

Apparently the stacks are for wishes/prayers. 
And then we had our first big seafood meal. 
As you might remember, I am not a seafood person.  I'll find something to eat, but this challenged even me.
That lady fishing out our dinner.  The entire port is lined with these retaurants. 
Our bucket of dinner, squid & all.

Which was then turned into this

And just in case you wanted proof how much they love children

This is the first dinner night.  She is not our waitress.

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