Monday, February 24, 2014

global warming, ravens and crows

It is strangely warm here. And we're getting a weird amount of clear sky days. I am sure it has to do with climate change but I'm inclined to like it.  I have not been wearing an extra layer under my down coat.  I have been going commando.

But the other day I heard a crow and I automatically zipped up my coat. Even though it was almost 60°. (Like a sweltering summer for my nephew.) 
See the crows are the mascots of winter.  The black, menacing, overlords of the neverending gray of winter. (permagray soup anyone?).  Everyone is rushing around trying to get in and out of the metro or in a building or somewhere NOT outside. The only distinguishable noise is the sound of the crows.  They are like Edgar Allen Poe's poem The Raven.
Quoth the Crows of Paris:   The sun?  "Nevermore"

So climate change? I'll take it.

Too bad it's not the
The Black Crowes

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