Monday, July 4, 2011

Peace Seed/ "manquer"

I don't know about your family but in my family of 4 children (gasp heard from the Parisian 1 boy and 1 girl families)
Yes, I know, shocking.

So again, in my family we had to fight for attention and positive words. Not that Mommy and Daddy didn't love us. They just had a lot of us and were busy being 2 single parents. So sometimes it helped to direct them to their job of positive reinforcement. It was not uncommon at our house find a report card on the fridge with a teenage handwritten remark:

The French, unwittingly, allow me to do the same thing. When you tell someone that you miss them,

Tu me manques.

You are (literally translated) telling them You miss me.

So clever. I don't know where that comes from. I'll just file it under weirdness and other miscellaneus exceptions to EVERYTHING. But I think it means we might be able to be friends. Our little seed of peace. Not unlike Tim Minchin's Anthem for Peace.

teehee. friends.

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