Saturday, July 23, 2011

A taste of Parisienne

Yea, after 3 years and numerous shelackings by French women, my nice gene/education still, stupidly believes. This was the conversation I had yesterday in the gym locker room.

KB (noticing a woman has opened a locker near to mine and I am taking up most of the space): I am sorry. (moving to make space) I am not used to people being here. (It is the corner locker right by the door)

Parisienne about 50 years old, blond hair: Well there is enough room for everyone.

KB (assuming something has gotten lost in translation): No, I mean. Usually there isn't anyone by the door. (stumbling in French looking for what must have gotten lost) I just wanted you to have enough space.


KB inner debate - (Do I out slap or continue being nice?)

KB's stupid nice gene that likes the abuse: Bonne soiree! (Have a nice evening)

Parisienne: Au revoir.

SMACK DOWN by the 50-year-old Parisienne!


Yea go on and say it. I'm the bigger person. But guess what? No one cares about the bigger person here. It's all Nancy Sinatra, so either you are wearing your boots or you are walking around with boot prints on your face. DAMN THE NICENESS.

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