Thursday, September 15, 2011

Finding out by Facebook

This morning I awoke to a post with a picture of an old friend of mine on Facebook.  “He was the best friend a guy could have”

Hoping desperately that this was just a grammar fail, I went to his page and saw that my friend’s aunt was collecting photos.  

Never have I felt so alone.  So far away.  

I also found out while on vacation 4 months ago (again via Facebook) that my friend’s teenage daughter had taken her own life.  

This is the day and age of communication.  Yesterday, I was just thinking about the fact that it’s slightly creepy that I know things about friends and acquaintances that they never “told” me.  I simply happened to read it.  Sometimes I rant about things in a fit of some emotion and then wonder why, months later, someone asks me about a specific event. I think, I never told her about that.  Or when my boyfriend got caught not going to an event (of a girl I hate) because we were on vacation – well we were supposed to be, we actually left the next day - but silly me put our departure on Facebook.  

Today, I am in my small apartment, 5000 miles away.  Far from any of our friends, alone, and I get posting at 8 a.m. via Facebook. 
But I am glad, because it has been years and he was a good man. I would have been sad to not have mourned his passing. 

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