Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall weekend outside Dijon

This past weekend we went to Dijon

We always buy mustard there, though we can get it anywhere in Paris.  Nerdy and true.
This time we got fine herbs (in green) and sundried tomato and spicy pepper (orange) and pesto roquette(white).  A girl's got to change up her salad dressing .

So we went to Dijon because b's family is from there and there was a surprise birthday party for his 85 year old Grandmother. These were some of the highlights:

  • Disguises:  PO's grandmother likes getting dressed up in disguises so we all put something on, from wigs to drawn on beards to surprise her.  I was Santa Clause and b was a Catholic cardinal.   
  • Staying at Auntie Paulette's house:  Adorning the walls - Poster sized nude portraits of b's cousins when they were 6 and 8 accompanied by their Collie, Riki (Reeekee). (I guess it was an "R" year).    
  • Also featured in Auntie Paulette's house: RED Ferrari tribute toilet room.
  • 4 hour birthday lunch in a tiny village outside of Dijon. Tiny village complete with church containing a fresco of the virgin Mary assending to heaven from a vineyard.
  • Lunch Menu:  

            Kir au Basilic  (yes, it’s 1p.m. why not have a drink? White wine and basil syrup)

Meurette d’Oeufs au Chardonnay de Marsannay (poached eggs in what appeared to be a creamy skim milk sauce.  But no, it was a white wine sauce with mushrooms and bacon at the bottom. Uh, I love you France.)

Noisette de Porc, Légumes étuvés à la Graine de Moutarde (slices of porc tenderloin with steamed new carrots –because the old ones are just unbearable- leeks and tiny yellow spaceship squash, with mustard sauce -of course)

           Fromage (small cheese plate -Camembert, Comté and Epoisse- with salad.)
Gateau (3 layer birthday cake: mango and raspberry cake with pineapple cream).

           Café/ Thé   (coffee/Tea served with handmade: blackcurrant macaroons, passion fruit marshmallows,
 small almond cakes with raisins and chocolate caramels)
  • Going to Grandma's after 4 hour lunch for more food she had prepared and Cremante (champagne).  Because 4 hours of eating just isn't enough.
  • Autumn sunset over the vineyards outside of Grandma's house.   

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