Friday, April 27, 2012

Guess what we got?!

It is not a dog.  Not a mini hold-in-your-hand-and/or-purse-style-Paris Hilton or Parisian-accessory dog.  I've seen that - like this girl in Italy in 2007 with not 1 but 3 accessory dogs.

No we did not get a dog.
WE got a mini-bus!AND a book store.
Should we talk about why this is exciting?

1.  The mini-bus is adorable.

We have yet to figure out it's purpose, it seems to zig-zag around our quartier back and forth along the streets, taking little old ladies for a 10 minute ride up the street, only to come back down the next and drop them off a block away at their old lady friend's apartments.  BUT the mini bus is electric and makes no noise.  And it is the size of a And good thing we have a small bus to transport us, otherwise we would have to walk a whole 7 minutes to get public transport!

2.  And then there is the book store.

The bookstore is good for multiple reasons, but mainly
    a.  Proof that people can read things that don't come through their electronic device, AND
    b.  the fact that it is across from the local college (middle school) and is still standing (with no grafitti, key marks, etc.) after 6 months is clear proof of civilization/a miracle.

See our neighborhood is made up of Arab immigrants, Africans, French Starter Families (1-2 kids), and Single, White Young Professionals.  Who sometimes seem uncivilized by their:
  •      Total inability to walk 5 steps and throw their wrappers/food/packaging of any kind in the trash
  •      Local hooligans inability to not tag or key things in the middle of the night. And of course the classic, 
  •      I am French and therefore cannot pick up after my dog AND must take particular delight in the fact it is  going to ruin some tall/unobservant person's 300 euro shoes.
But we have a bookstore
with books and big clean glass windows
AND an electric mini-bus!
so we MUST be moving along the evolutional chain. 

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