Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Things I have gotten used to:

My neighborhood homeless guy - I was quite perturbed when someone else was in his spot today, sitting exactly as he does and looking overactors-anonymous forlorn instead of saying "Bonjour" like my guy does.

The Brazilian transvestites who also shop at my Primeur (pree-meuur).

I have become particular about my bread. Big surprise, I know. 

Scarves:  The ultimate in unpredictable-weather and chic-accessory wear no longer makes me feel like I am choking.  

Spooning in the metro:  this morning there was a metro with doors open and 4 people standing in front of it not willing to back themselves in.  I looked at that metro, only 85% full (as evidenced by the breathing room) and immediately thought about those 4 people:  amateurs. Then I promptly turned around and stepped into the 6 inches of extra space. 

Complete fail of the week:
Coffee and Honey Smacks for breakfast (the fact that I actually bought Honey Smacks speaks volumes)
Watching Dawson's Creek. They show 5 episodes one after the other. 
Dubbed in French.
Maybe I should say that again to scare myself straight.
I watched Dawson's Creek. 

Good points: 

Word of the week:  Scouts (pronounced scoots):  because it is silly and fun to call these kids scoots.  Skuuuutes. 
This is them in the RER (city train - not te be confused with the metro)  

This week's shocker:

A HUGE advertisement in the metro for extra-marital dating website - targeted at women.  Classy! And fully living up to France's poly-amourous reputation. Thanks DSK and my middle school French textbook!
Ok so not so much of a shocker.

(I am sure they must have taken out anything in the wedding vows pertaining to loyalty/fidelity.  But it is the beginning of wedding season, so I'll confirm that over the next couple months).

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