Friday, July 6, 2012

Common acceptable social behavior

Unsurprisingly from the country that gives you store workers and servers who can't be bothered to serve you, I bring you another awesome acceptable behavior: the non response

Picture this:

It's BBQ time and KB sends out a nice invitation for all her network in Frantasyland

response:   10 people respond immediately "on vacation"
                   5   people respond in the next 5 days
                   22 people do not respond at all

Have you been in a room with someone who isn't listening to you?  Have you perhaps done this to your parents when you were young or had your kids do this to you?
This is a behavior for underage people.  This should not be the behavior of adults or anyone over the age of 16.  Nor should it be acceptable behavior in offices, business meetings or between friends.

What will also happen:   
                        22 people will respond the NIGHT BEFORE or day of the event-
                                  -20 saying they are available and might bring a friend
                                   -2 asking what this BBQ is all about.
Yes, really.  Welcome to France kids!

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