Monday, July 30, 2012

Roller coaster crying machine

The past month has a been roller coaster.  We went to a wedding the high Alpes, we had our 4th of July barbecue, I had my 33rd birthday, B's cousin past away in a tragic accident, and my sister gave birth to her first baby - making me an Auntie for the 6th time. 

It has been laughter and a lot of tears - mostly because I am a sympathy crier.  It may be growing up in a family of 5 women.  Maybe someone is spiking my food with hormones.

My random comments/thoughts on the last couple of weeks? 

Everyone should have a hat-wedding.  And road-trip to the occasion.  But no one should be left without hot water. 

B should be glad we don't have a baseball bat in our mini apartment.  Or anything like a bat.  4th of July preparations can make people cranky.

Only France would have the theme of their National Day be "Disco", complete with an enormous mirrorball installed in the most recognizable symbol of the country and fireworks to match.  And only the delusional event planner really believed that the spectators would get up and dance.  If you are thinking - why wouldn't they get up and dance?  Please refer to this post or please feel free to go to any concert where you will find hundreds of French concert goers ecstatically dancing...on the inside.  In a deep, secret place no one can find while sitting poised and polite with an almost-smile on their Parisian faces. 

33 was officially the first birthday I was embarassed to see the numbers on my cake.

No one should ever have to bury a child under the age of 50.  And certainly not 26.

Children and Births renew.  They give us reason to laugh and smile and have tears of the other kind.   

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