Friday, August 31, 2012

It smelled like fish.

Entrée + Plat + Dessert
Appetizer + Main + Dessert

3 choices in each category

Entrée I chose to be adventurous and go with the unknown gyozo in a ginger sauce.  APPROVED! I was ready to lick the plate.

Plat?  'Non' to the white fish and pasta, 'Non' to the Langue de Cochon (pig's tongue) - which was actually Longe de Cochon (porc ribs) - ah the beauty of not being a native speaker.

So what did KB choose?  Poulet et tomates avec sardignes.
KB lost.  KB chose the chicken with tomatoes and sardines - which was actually not.  It was undercooked chicken that smelled like fish with some pretty tomatoes.
Sometimes adventurousness is not rewarded.

Dessert:  The server actually warned me off the peach soup with almond ice cream and tapioca, but I took it anyway.  Pretty good.  

I am sorry this is the most boring blog post ever.  I should have at least included some food porn photos.  But my fancy future phone is too future for me.  But it makes awesome phone calls!

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