Thursday, August 2, 2012

Magic toilet paper

Simple pleasure:  I purposely buy the toilet paper with the cardbored center that disolves in water.  It means I don't have to take anything out of the toilet room to throw away.  I love it. 

Ridiculous marketing:  Our friends order their groceries online and get them delivered.  They always get free samples that come with it.  Their last free sample was not a roll of toilet paper with the dissolvable center - but just the dissolvable center with fold out instructions and commentary.
Yes kids!  Have fun throwing the end of your toilet paper roll into the toilet but make sure to read the directions! 

Reality:  It was probably fun for their 3-year-old to throw it in the toilet...for a whole 3 seconds.  I hope she doesn't get any bright ideas about other things to stick in the toilet.

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