Friday, August 3, 2012

Lost the battle but won the war

It must be said that the generic 1st response to any question in France is "no", or more Frenchly "Non!".  You might even get the impression that they didn't hear what you said.  But if you learn to translate correctly (as done by David Lebovitz, the famous pastry chef/cookbook author) what this actually means "Convince me".

B made me work my behind off at this. And it only took me 4 years to figure it out. As you might remember the beginning from the swimming pool incident.

KB: Let's go to the pool

B: Non!

(repeat 10 times, add increasing anger & whining)

Then I moved on to the gym.

KB:  Come to the gym with me and get some exercise!

B: Non!  (translation:  I need specific work out clothes, perhaps 8 of my friends and a small black & white ball to run after, plus beers afterwards and andouillette)

KB challenges: Yes!
The gym is forced on B.  He returns with this commentary:
B:"It looks like a porn.  They make the same repetitive movement, they are sweating and don't look very happy"

1 year later

KB: Come with me to yoga in the south!

B: Non!

KB:  I want you to go to yoga with me in the south!

B:  ok.

What will I do with all my free time now that I don't have to argue with B about exercise?

Sidenote:  For those of you that think yoga is a female activity.  Please refer to the photo below of my yoga compatriot from the retreat in July.

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