Wednesday, October 17, 2012

But how long can confused fascination really keep you entertained

We went to a Rugby match on Saturday.

Good, or shall I say Fun, things happen to me when we go to sporting events.

In February we got to ride with the conductor in the metro.

AND this time I ended up in the metro car with the Irishmen who sang the entire way to the match.  Even breaking out a little Frère Jacques when the Frenchmen feigned that they had no songs to sing.

This is the stadium.  And the great October weather we got.
On the bright side, I am convinced that any sport played in open air  is  instantly more exciting when it rains and people start sliding 20 feet at a time.

I don't fully understand rugby, but how you cannot be completely fascinated by this

We won't talk about the size of their thighs.

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