Thursday, October 11, 2012

No joke

B's tante and oncle live in a city outside of Amiens.
He is a tall, quiet, hobby-photographer and former professional window dresser/designer.
She is a lively and colorful (and by that I mean, she likes colors) woman, who, before I could keep all the family straight, was known as "my aunt who laughs loud".
And she does.
I love loud laughers.  Especially when they come in  5' tall packages.

Their home is an interesting mesh of loud colors and professional dressing objects (i.e. enormous perfume bottles left over from his working days).

Just so you can share in my experience - I brought you a picture.
Yes that is a peach leather couch
Yes that is a red iridescent piece of fabric covering the couch.

What you do not get with this photo: the picture over the mantelpiece.
It, and 5 other LARGE photos like it, are 70's nudes of their 2 children and their family lassie-dog complete with 70's daisy-chain flower crown on her 7 year old head.

No, I am not joking.

I wonder how his now 40 year old cousin felt when she brough her boyfriend home to meet her adorable, nude, 7-year-old self. 

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