Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thoughts for today

Snow is only bad when you are in a hurry, or have a bad heater.  Otherwise it makes everything muffled and quiet and full of light.

I love oranges with babies

While I think the word doudoune should be struck down from the French language.  It is the perfect time of year for a doudoune.  And I am completely converted after receiving one from my Dad 2 years ago and, previously having rejected all shapeless puffy clothing, putting it on and proceeding to wear it day and night for 2 weeks straight.

+1° Celsius is the most miserable temperature. 

Bitchy, Cold and Shy are sometimes very difficult to discern.  1 of those 3 words could be used to describe 90% of the French women I know. 

Just in case you were unsure, I make an awesome Pokemon cake (with fire shooting volcano).

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