Saturday, January 19, 2013

Trading gray for white. And other reflections.

We traded gray skies for white.  I can manage frozen white.  I can't manage gray soup just above freezing. 
Gray sticks in your brain and bones. 

In Sweden in the winter of 2011 there was no snow.  My Swedish friend said the newspapers were reporting an exponential increase of visits to tanning salons. 
It seems the Swedes prefer frozen white, too.

And in other news...

This was our breakfast this morning. 
On the carpet in our living room with B's butt on the right choosing music on the IPAD. 
Sometimes I get the impression I have gone back 10 years in my life. 
Since I arrived in Paris 5 years ago, we have been invited to 16 weddings and gotten 12 birth announcements. We live in a mini apartment. And eat breakfast on the floor, (albeit a better decorated one than I would have had 10 years ago).   
Part of this is Paris.
But still, I feel like I should put some Nickelback on my cd player and and watch Spiderman or The Lord of the Rings...oh wait, I can watch the new Spiderman.  Or The Hobbit.
Apparently 2013 is the new and improved 2002.

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