Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Route des Vins in Alsace

Does it sound like I am on vacation all of the time?  I feel like that is all we talk about.  Or I mean, all I talk AT you about. Because let's be frank:  You don't call me in the middle of the night  OR bring me flowers anymore.  And I try not to be a downer. 

And so here I am on another mini-vacation.  But this was a girl's weekend.  More like an American ladies road trip! 
B said "4 hours from Paris is too much for a weekend".
I said "If I thought like that I would have never gotten my tramp stamp in Vegas"! 
And who would have wanted to miss that.
Or this...
because every trip involves a cathedral

Strasbourg Cathedral at night.
miles and miles of green vineyards.

Market time

Cathedral: check. Château: check. 

Front page May 8, 1945

Mini Statues of Liberty everywhere since the designer is from Colmar.


Looking back on the city of Munster.  And of COURSE we ate the cheese in 8 different ways.

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