Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Busan to the Island

We spent less than 24 hours in Busan. 
Enough time to walk the beach, get lost with our GPS that only speaks Korean, and eat at the famous fish market. 
The nicest hotel we stayed in....for less than 5 hours.  with slippers, of course.

Carrying our LIVE crab from the market back to the restaurant.  

And then back to basics.  We left our friends and got on a bus at 6a.m.
It is slightly more scary when you have to be the navigator and you are not safe in your own car.  And you don't blend in. 
Not even a little bit.

So after 2 buses, we took a boat onto the gray and misty sea.

and because I am sure my photos are getting old for you, I made you a montage.

(L-R)Map of our tiny island, The local temple, stuff of my Korean nightmares
Fishing nets and old ladies unwrapping garlic, BLUE berry, the tail of the dragon island, more nightmares
Fisheries, the lonely statue in the mist, and the perfectly good vegetable pancake that someone decided to throw octopus tentacles on at the last minute.

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