Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Green Tea me

I had to learn to compromise.  It wasn't very easy since I pretty much equate 'compromise' with 'lose-lose'.
But now it's called 'negotiation'. And even on vacation we negotiate:
No archeological dig-sites for me in Israel. (Who doesn't want to see ancient cities being dug out of the ground?!) And no obscure, modern art exhibits for B. (Blank canvas with black dot and string.  ugh)
I wanted to see the home of Celadon pottery in Ganjin.
B wanted to see the Green Tea plantation.
Tea plantation was up first.  Since his was so great, I gave up the extra 3 buses it would have taken to get to mine (Our bus total would have been 7 over 48 hours). Glad 5+ years means our tastes are starting to merge. Glad to have not taken another 3 buses after sleeping on the floor, for a museum likely to be mostly in Korean and over 1000 years old(i.e.not much left).  
At least they didn't claim to know exactly where one baby was born. 


And then we bought green tea biscuits, green tea candies, green tea chocolates, green tea.  I am a marketers dream.  
But I didn't buy the face cream.

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