Monday, November 18, 2013

We totally did.

So they have these places called Love Motels.
You drive in with your lover and the garage immediately shuts so that no one sees your car.
You pay in cash so there is no credit card trace.
and its so classy.
Ok so that is a lie.  WE CHOSE a super classy red/black/white room with fringe and a round bed.  There were white rooms and black/white rooms with regular beds. 
We're just all fringe and red-light district on the inside.

They had family sized products, like all the other hotels.
Except the welcome kit.  They were the ONLY travel/individual products we saw.  2 points for Love Motel!

More highly reccomended than the nicest hotel in the city. (We stayed there the night before, along with the engineers for Ferrari and Mclaren.)

Shinan Beach Hotel.  Boo Las Vegas 1982!

Yes please!
We could have stayed the whole night.
But we didn't.
Because we're classy like that. 

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