Monday, March 7, 2011

Dust covered collections

When I was 15 my friend S surmised that I loved bath products....because I had a lot of them. And so that's what she would buy me for my birthday. Which increased my bath product stock. Which would have been great, if I used bath products.

b and I have a large stock of alcohol. It sits in the corner, mostly collecting dust. Every time I make a dinner with some sort of specialty drink - a new bottle comes along. And to be fair, it takes up a lot of room in our 48 square metre apartment (516 feet squared - if you know what that size means). It's great, if you are a drinker. A drinker who has extra space in your shoebox apartment.
So one night my girlfriend C went home after having drinks at our place. (Apparently a lot of drinks at our place) and mentioned the liquor corner to her husband, or as she put it "Ils ont une enorme variété des alcools" ("They have an enormous variety of alcohols").

So, not only do we have a corner taken up by our almost useless collection of alcohols, but now we are alcoholics.

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