Thursday, March 17, 2011

uh, yur mom!

I miss "your mom" jokes.

I am going to bring them back,

by myself

in France.

So this will be our conversation tonight (I guarantee it):

b: Ca va? (What's up?)

kb: Yur mom!

b (looking at me blankly, like when I baited him into "the GUNSHOW!" joke)

kb: hehehehe (waiting for b to go again)

b: What did you do today?

kb: Yur Mom!

b (stunned and confused that he doesn't understand what I am talking about. Thinking about his mom): I don't understand.

kb (attempting badly to explain the reasoning and why it's funny): You see, it's funny. It's like the white kids from the suburbs making jokes like they are from the inner city about their friend's moms.

At this point it is no longer funny because there is absolutely no translation going on and white suburban kids imitating inner city kids just sounds dumb. Which is maybe why kids are sometimes called "crackers". But I am on a crusade...

b(intentionally leaving the subject): So what do you want for dinner?

kb: Yur mom!

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Hollie said...

Laughed so hard I cried! (still at work) Boss will think I am crazy...oh, wait. Too late for that one. I could see this as though you were doing it in front of me. I even had your voice inside my head. Love you Dude! "Your Mom!"